American Cocker Spaniel




Distinct feature : They have long and silky fur with miniature size. Eyes and nose are distinctively black. They have punch face.

Coat : The Most commonly seen in white, solid black, or light cream this breed has a beautiful silky coat that should either lay flat, or be slightly wavy.

Temperament : American Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and very loyal dogs. However, they do require an energetic owner, as they are very playful and active. This lively breed makes a great household pet, Cocker Spaniels are beautiful dogs that can get along well with older children. A very cheerful dog, this breed loves to play and sometimes enjoys barking.

Activity : American Cocker Spaniel is recommended for a home with at least a small yard, but can do well in an apartment if they receive the proper exercise. This is a fairly active breed and does require 3 walks per day.

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