Bloodhound Puppies




Distinct feature : It is very large and strong, with a long muzzle, droopy ears, and loose hanging skin. The Bloodhound has a muscular neck and back, giving it strength and endurance. The Bloodhound requires occasional brushing. Cleaning the Bloodhound’s ears periodically to avoid ear infection is recommended. The folded skin should be wiped down regularly as well. Bathe only when necessary.

Coat :  The Bloodhound has a very short, hard, smooth coat which covers the whole body. Bloodhounds come in red, black and red, or liver and red.

Temperament :   The Bloodhound loves children Bloodhounds will greet visitors happily .

Character:  The Bloodhound is mellow, independent, gentle, kind, and affectionate. The Bloodhound requires consistent training as it is quite stubborn, though it is eager to please its master.

Activity :  Bloodhounds are often portrayed as lazy, but this isn’t the case.

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