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Distinct feature : Dachshunds are a very clownish breed and can be very mischievous at times. A very intuitive dog, the Dachshund is now most commonly seen as a companion rather than a hunter. This breed loves to be around people and should never exhibit signs of aggression or timidity. The Dachshund is an all around friendly dog, is very outgoing, and is sure to steal the hearts of everyone he meets.

Coat : The Smooth Coat has a straight, smooth, short, and glossy coat that should all be of equal length along the body of the dog.

Temperament : The Dachshund is a fun loving dog, tenacious, and lively,

Activity : A short walk per day would suffice for this short-bodied breed. The Dachshund tends to tire out easily so any exercise provided should be given at different times rather than one long walk.

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