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Distinct feature : It is primarily bred as a show dog and pet. Despite its fearsome and intimidating appearance, the Korean Dosa Mastiff is in fact a very sweet natured and gentle dog breed. A dignified, noble and loving dog, the Korean Dosa Mastiff forms an strong bond with its master and family and likes to be a huge lap dog.

Coat : The Korean Dosa Mastiff’s coat is short, silky and shiny. Colors include chocolate, mahogany and red. A white patch on the chest is permissible.

Temperament : The Korean Dosa Mastiff is dignified, easy going good natured, intelligent and loyal. The Dosa likes being with people. Be sure you are this dog’s pack leader, providing plenty of daily mental and physical exercise to avoid separation anxiety.

Activity : Moderate energy level. Inclined to be lazy. Puppies should never be given strenuous exercise as their bones are still forming. Instead, a puppy should be given plenty of space to exercise freely on its own.

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