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Distinct feature : The Spanish Mastiff is an affectionate, kind and noble dog who is very determined when facing dangerous animals or in front of strangers, especially when he has the opportunity to defend and protect farms or cattle. This breed is a very intelligent.

Coat : The Coat is straight with a dense under-layer and an almost wooly texture. The skin should be abundant and loose on the body. Colors include plain yellow, red, black, wolf-grey and red-brown, or broken colors or spotted.

Temperament : Spanish Mastiff is very tolerant towards children and can get along with other household pets provided it has been properly socialized. Early socialization is recommended. This breed will protect its family when necessary, even at the cost of its life. The Spanish Mastiff is gentle and patient, devoted and courageous.

Activity : The adult Spanish Mastiff has a fairly low activity level and will be happy with a daily walk. This is not an active breed and will not be a good fit for a sporty owner who wants to take their dog jogging or out for much physical exertion. The Spanish Mastiff prefers to conserve their energy for when they are needed to defend their family and/or property.

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